Meanwhile, this driver contains the result of years of work and access to the relevant data sheets; freezing it out may not be in the best interests of kernel developers or users. Of course, losing “authority” over code is inherent in releasing that code under a license like the GPL. These changes were not popular in the Video4Linux community, and there were fears that they could break unrelated drivers. The sad story of the em28xx driver. But such problems are common to drivers which have spent a lot of time out of tree; they are simply something to fix. At times, Markus tried to block those changes.

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They fight for at least three years now and they still don’t have a useful infrastructure to support DVB-S2 devices. As an Empia Technology employee, Markus has access to the relevant data sheets and is, thus, well placed to write a fully-functional driver. This one also seemed to fail to meet kernel code quality standards last time I checked, mainly due to incorporating large chunks of third-party code.

CONFIG_VIDEO_EM28XX: Empia EM28xx USB video capture support

Someone could dig into the whole topic at least for a week fulltime. In such cases, the long-term goal is usually to work toward the removal of one of the drivers. Can’t a higher-up maintainer intervene? But rejecting Markus’s new driver out of hand might just be empoa mistake. There seems to be little doubt that it has developed well beyond the in-tree driver; it supports a wider range of devices.


I got around i2c-dev which allows the access of those shared components in userland, the only outstanding gap in order to remain compatible with existing tv apps was to add a small wrapper to resubmit the controls to userspace sick isn’t it? The whole driver started at the end ofI started to reverse engineer the protocol and worked on it with Luca Risolia hope I got the name right. If you are abusing developers’s epia users’s trust it becomes suddenly much harder to integrate code in kernel. If you appreciate this content and would like to see more of it, your subscription will help to ensure that LWN continues to em28zx.

There is no point really to rehash all the old stuff, and to blame person a em28xxx person b or person c.

Until now I have seen no attempts to make these changes, alas. Posted Nov 16, Log in to post comments The sad story of the em28xx driver. Posted Nov 26, Obviously, this hasn’t worked out very well in this instance.

EM28xx cards list — The Linux Kernel documentation

A quick review of some of the history is in order here. That seems to be the opposite of the open source process.

In this case it’s bloody disgusting that code was put on the backburner in favour of waiting for somebody else to complete their alternative solution just because A liked B better than C. The article mentions the confusion factor of having two similar drivers. Both upstream and the 4 duplicated drivers empai similar functionality.

If there are technical em28dx to have two drivers it’s Ok, but if the reasons are political The userspace drivers used a couple of self written drivers.


I came up with the idea to refactor the tuner stuff in order to be able to use the same tuner code between both v4l and dvb, to make the story short this was declined. This was one possibility yes, but I also pointed out that the already available i2c-dev infrastructure could directly be used with the driver for setting up chips.

The reason for the big patch has always been that the code had to be rebased because the maintainer basically didn’t care about anything there.

Enpia of all let’s start at the beginning and not in the middle of everything. The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 20, On the other hand, video developer Hans Verkuil reviewed the new driver and concluded: It’s about that this code has been available for years http: The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 11, Of course, losing “authority” over code is inherent in releasing that code under a license like the GPL.

Posted Nov 17, Maybe Jon’s article can be the crystallization point for everybody to take a step back and go on a path of compromise instead of confrontation hope springs eternal, I know