Meaning people buy it and have to return it to seller. Sign in Already have an account? There were no trouble shooting attempts at all. DVBlink has one big fail and that is scheduling. Posted December 20, edited.

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Open letter to Geniatech Ton replied to Ton’s topic in Discussions. Samsung has listened to the market and has just incorporated an app that does it. Posted November 26, Where are you people?

IoT Hardware Platform for Embedded Programmers & Designers | DB4 IoT Edition | Geniatech

But there will always be awkward people. Posted February 2, That will function perfectst with the HDHD. Either port the iPad. In the second case the software would be only for their hardware and would not support third party devices or only those that pay a fee.

Geniatech Download Center, Firmware, Software, User Manual and Files | Geniatech

Posted January 12, Also I found that many people were giving the same geniatsch message that I was. Register a new account. And nothing in the positive has happened. EyeTV is still old-fashioned 32 bit software. I know by experience that this method works in a number of cases.


I will try to keep it short. Posted February 9, The EPG information is seldom accurate on the point ‘repeating series’. Genitech is just as bad if not worse in the customer support as Elgato was.

You forget that the majority uses HDHR and since the Geniwtech use a fully proprietary protocol which is till now not handed over to the largest software developers DVBlogic, TVHeadend meaning that the selling possibilities of Netstream even when the 4 tunerproblem is solved are quit small. What is the timeline? I don’t have much hope it will improve.

Posted February 1, Statistics say that kids don’t watch TV, but the truth is that adolescents do watch it but they don’t want to watch it with their parents all the time and the end up going to their rooms with their iPad or iPhone to watch what they can find geniaech the internet.

Never a solution is given.

Otherwise you will have no link between cxp programs. Meaning people buy it and have to return it to seller. Also there is more on this world than Satellite TV.


This besides that fact that June you were in betatesting see older messages makes it funny that it not yet released. If you keep insisting on not supporting these 2 very popular!

Make your own DVD easily with high quality!

My view on the subject: But the kids love it so they can watch and record what they are interested obviously not the same as their parents.

Do not use any option to convert from within EyeTV! Pricewise your Hybrid 1-decoder4C, 4DC are all geniatecb same price. Do whatever you like but once people have switched then you will have lost them forever.