Further requests for that email address will not receive any notice. Radio Reference Web Service Support: The software requires that the correct serial port be set to communicate with the scanner. If you no longer have access to the email address you used when registering your software, please contact support psredit. This button will bring up a screen that will allow the program to scan through all possible serial ports looking for the scanner. These drivers are available from the FTDI web site at http:

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What PC to Radio cables will work with these radios? If you are having issues with these 30-320 and their trial periods, please contact me at sales psredit.

At this point the program should start, enter the license key information To verify the license information has been properly stored, exit the program and restart.

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This simplifies the use of the program. What email address will my license key come from? As of February 13, the process of generating the license key has been automated. I’m getting a time out error when attempting to talk to the scanner.

If you have not received your license key within 1 hour, please check your SPAM filters and SPAM folders to ensure that the message was not filtered on your email software or server.

When attempting an Upload to the scanner, or a download from the scanner, I get an error message that says the serial port does not exist. When direct access is used which is the defaultthe program can automatically locate and use the USB cable without the need to pre-configure the program to use a specific COM port on the computer. How long is the free trial period?

Last Drivers  ASUS U46SV DRIVERS

Programming Cable Information

The following list of frequently asked questions is an attempt to answer these questions. License key emails will always come from keys psredit.

The CD-ROM was discontinued and keeping support for this prevented updating the web service interface to support recent features. One year manufacturer’s limited warranty. What can I do about this error? Over time, there have been a few questions that have been asked on a regular basis.

Please note however that a premium subscription to the RadioReference. I have not recieved my license code. Uniden’s USB-1 cable, as well as cables provided by GRE and RadioShack use only authentic chipsets, and are more likely to include continued forward support.

Connecting scanners via USB Revision as of You can turn on the display’s backlight for pc//if viewing in the dark. The notification from PayPal will be verified, after which a license key will be automatically generated and sent via email.

As of February 13,your license key should be sent via email immediately after your purchase has been verified through PayPal.

GRE America Inc.

Copyright by RadioReference. These radios require one of the following cables to be programmed from the computer: Is the now discontinued RadioReference. If prompted, allow the program to run as Administrator and enter the administrator password if required.


To resolve this issue, start the program in Administrator mode as follows and enter the key information. The Spectrum Sweeper features allows you to sweep the entire range of the scanner’s design frequencies, or you can specify those frequency ranges that you wish to sweep and exclude ranges that you do not want to sweep.

There is a lock-out review key to confirm lock frequencies.

Retrieved from ” http: Unfortunately sometimes ports aren’t available when you think they are, or everything appears to have installed correctly, but still doesn’t seem to work. If any are found, an email will be sent to that address with the license key information. Further requests for that email address will not receive any notice.

When I enter my license key in the software, the program tells me that the key was valid and stored, but when I restart the program asks me again for my key