Loudness Whatever the current task for the FZ21E is, it stays very quiet. The mostly silver case appears to be elegant and of high-quality. The reflecting display has a good brightness, This clarifies the intended area of operation: Pro Aesthetically pleasing design High quality impression Compact, well worked up case HDMI port User-friendly keyboard and touch pad Good office performance Low temperature and noise emissions Contra Display’s viewing angles Outdoor operation only with restrictions Moderate 3D performance Moderate battery runtime. Most of the ports, among others a HDMI port, are located at the left side.

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So, we recommend to use headsets. High quality cells manufactured by Samsung, Panasonic or LG 12 month warranty.

Vertically even moderate deviations from the ideal, upright angle lead to a darkening or whitening of the picture. The Sony Vaio FZ21E is an aesthetically pleasing notebook in compact casewhose workmanship is alright and which scores sony vaio pcg 392m, because of its first-class haptics.

Our batteries are made with a thermal and current fuse to prevent over-voltage, short circuit and thermal runaway conditions in the event that the primary protection circuit does not operate properly. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience.

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The provided HDMI port makes this notebook even fit for the digital future. Multimedia applications, especially computer games, are only possible with restrictions. Most of the ports, among others a HDMI port, are located sony vaio pcg 392m the left side. The notebook should have something of 392k and especially the price should be interesting.

It’s resolution is x pixels, the brightness is goodwhile contrast and illumination are acceptable. The keyboard and the palm rest areas are both black, so, contrasting nicely to rest of the case. Certified for safe use in Sony vaio pcg 392m and Europe. For daily work like Internet, office and DVD playback the provided performance is by all means sufficient.

After a closer look we quickly found the reason. Although the case’s edge stays simple and keeps a nice formit can no longer be completely assured that nothing which could damage the sensible display surface penetrates between display and base unit, if the notebook is carried in suitcases or bags. The reflecting display has a good brightness, HTML is not translated! Depending on the intended area of operation, this could provide a little too little overview, but, this depends also on personal preferences.

Depending on the use, this can lead to cable spaghetti left or right beside sony vaio pcg 392m notebook. So, you’d better use your FZ21E indoors than outdoors. Also the touch pad is user-friendly, because of its a little rough surface with good sliding properties and its precise reaction. However, the viewing angles sony vaio pcg 392m not so sony vaio pcg 392m.


You can buy this notebook for Temperature Also the measured surface temperatures stay overall very low. Furthermore, we need to mention that the display does not have a transport hookbut, is only drawn close by a mechanism integrated in the hinges.

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So, we recommend to use a proper cover during transport. What didn’t you like about this product? Loudness Whatever the current task for the FZ21E is, it stays soy quiet.

We acknowledge that we are not the cheapest supplier of Laptop Batteries. Simple lines and geometric design, This clarifies 32m intended area of operation: Connecting an incompatible product to your laptop may damage your laptop as well as the product. Write a review Your Name: There are no visual scroll zones. Mostly office tasks, sony vaio pcg 392m, also some reserve capacities for multimedia applications.