The brushed metal finish is stark, with five short grooves on either side of the center of the clubface and a small r5 logo toward the high toe area. And probably 2 or 3 2″ inch pieces of tape. No, it has Type D written there. I tend to hit a draw and thought this would be the exact for me, but I guess with the right shaft anything is possible. Media Reviews Golf World. I do believe you are right

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With a heat gun, some patience, and a pair of needle noise pliers, you can easily remove the weights on the regular non TP R5.

TaylorMade r5 dual Driver

Is it an upgrade or update to the r5 Dual? So I guess I won’t.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Apparently, it drae be the TP, It has these heads that look like you need to put a wrench on to turn.

TaylorMade R5 Dual N Drivers

ScottySep 22, I usually fade alittle with my r, but hit this fairly straight on the range. Share this with your golf buddies: Hey taylornade i just got an R5XLD i was using a dunlop loco crazy long taylirmade my T shot was always a slice to the left but with the R5 i can hit my T shot strait down the fairway i love this driver i also picked up about 30 yards on my drive!


They are big and bold in every way.

I have tayloormade R5 XL with an N designation. The driver comes with the M. I tend to slice or fade when I dig in and really swing.

For me, the r5 had a medium trajectory and good roll in the fairway. It is very easy to hit yards. Will hit it to the end I guess.

Taylormade r5 dual draw well behind the ball and does give you a lot of confidence but just not for me. Notify me of new posts by email. Try the weight on the toe. The TaylorMade r5 Dual drivers incorporate design elements from the successful r7 Quad drivers in a bigger clubhead. Also, when I figure out how to note the kind of clubs I have in my signature, like you guys, I would like to know if these clubs are sufficient for a beginner. There is taylormaed at least a 9 gram or 3 swingweight difference to create a light toe or draw head momentum.

Conclusion If properly fit, taylormade r5 dual draw TaylorMade r5 drivers can fraw very good drivers.

TaylorMade R5 Dual N Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

It was consistent and mostly straight when I made good contact. Taylormqde 67 and with a smooth swing get it all day. Construction The taylormade r5 dual draw difference between the r7 and r5 drivers, literally, is the size.


The main drawback to the R5 is that it is lacking in feel.

TaylorMade r5 Dual Driver Review – Golfalot

Please enter an answer in digits: BigJim13Mar 20, It is just that much easier to hit. It reminded me of the old Titleist D driver in both respects, only amplified, which is a very good thing.

It looked great and sent the taylormade r5 dual draw off on a great trajectory and you could hit it high and low. I bought the R5 Dual TP and love it. I just purchased a used r5D driver about a month ago because it had a stiffer shaft than my Adams insight with a regular flex shaft, and I thought that this could have been causing my consistent slice.

So then, I take it that the N designation denotes “neutral” and the D denotes “draw”. TrickyPuttMar 19, I do believe you are right