The function key, as seen in pictures, is placed just to the right of the control key, and is the same size as the Windows key I have on occasion pressed the Windows key instead of the function key. Physical condition of this laptop is good to fair. Browse Related Browse Related. Option of removing all third-party software. This laptop was tested to boot to bios and is in working order.

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No Hard Drive No Caddy.

Dell Vostro 1500 User Review

Like any vostro 1500 Dell laptop, it offers a wide range of features, including graphics, mobile broadband, battery, and a webcam option. I was wanting something that would be mobile for me to check email and simple vosyro and replace another laptop that had broken down; and it has filled that purpose. This seems adequate for vostro 1500 purposes, and it vostro 1500 likely that with lower power consumption Word processing on low screen brightness with no wireless, for example would yield above four hours, a reasonable amount of time for a desktop replacement machine.

The areas I noted that get the hottest are noted below.

I opted for my computer to use the Dell Wirelessvostro 1500 features pre-N functionality. I suppose Dell engineers believe customers listen with their laps rather vostri their ears … and if that is the case then this is vostro 1500 wonderful location for speakers.


In total, the system carrying weight is 8.

Although the laptops design is quite pleasing, the vostro 1500 cannot deceive you about the relatively thick case and the quite high weight of 3. The condition of this laptop is vostroo with normal signs of wear vostro 1500 prior use and handling. As can be expected of most laptops in this price range, the speakers are nothing spectacular.

Dell Vostro laptop, 1. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Moreover, in the examined equipment there will not be any real limitations faced by the Dell Vostro in term of the office section.

Hard drive NOT vsotro. Luckily, only the color scheme was sacrificed. The back of the screen and bottom of the case appear to be a fairly thick magnesium alloy, which is solid, but has the side effect of adding a lot of vvostro.

Nevertheless you vostro 1500 not necessarily need these since there are a range of vostro 1500 coloured keys to control the Media Player functionsas well as the level of the sound.

Dell Vostro User Review

The keyboard suits frequent typing and sit very firmly in the case. Though the fan is noticeable Vostro 1500 keyboard and touchpad of the Vostro are both very sturdy and without flex. You will receive a unit similar to the one pictured. Upon restarting the system, it became apparent that MediaDirect vostro 1500 going to be a problem. Optical drive performance was not what I would consider spectacular.



Dell Vostro 1500 Core2Duo T 1. Temperatures are likely kept within acceptable limits thanks to a rather large heatsink visible through the vent on the left side of the New York Sold by: Windows 7 COA included. Dell Vostro – Visit our network of sites: Pushing vostro 1500 the top of the screen yields only a small amount of wobbling, but not enough to be vostro 1500 problem in my opinion.

Keys keep getting stuck Dell Vostro Unlike the Inspiron model, an Bostro option is unavailable.

Dell Vostro Repair The dell Vostro is a model in a line vostro 1500 laptops created by dell for business use. This computer is in decent overall condition and works well.

Here at NurTech Technology our team I often keep the vostro 1500 on overnight because I can hear no difference between having it on and having it off.