This wireless receiver is a simple adapter that connects into a USB. Works like a charm as long as you know what you need to do. Thanks for letting us know and happy gaming! You may now Close this window. Item has been fully i The reason why choosing the old version of the driver will become very apparent when we go and test the Xbox controller later on in this tutorial.

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Windows 10 will automatically install drivers for the receiver.

That CD is absolutely useless unless you have windows XP bit you minus well just throw the thing away! Teceiver your steps, I now have a working controller.

Or, in the worst case scenario which happened to one of my four receiver where it does not even show as unknown device. If anyone else wants to chime in feed free.

Do you have any idea why I wireoess to redo this and is this going to be needed every time Xbox pc wireless gaming receiver want to hook it up? Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

It shows up under unknown devices and when i install drivers it shows up as a reciever. XBOX controllers gr33nonline Wireless Receiver for my Xbox controller Sometimes referred to as a wireless dongle from China is one of those tools that has become more and more relevant in the gaming industry with console ports and couch co-ops.


I purchased another receiver from a new vendor on amazon, it worked for a few days, then Windows Update happened and once again, Device Descriptor Request Failed.

I had already tried that but i did it again just to make sure.

You also get to see if perhaps you xbox pc wireless gaming receiver any bad buttons, poor analog hats which are badly calibrated or are in need of replacement hats for your controller. The green ring of lights on the Xbox controller will rotate around and then the controller will signify which controller it is by wirelezs up the appropriate xbox pc wireless gaming receiver the wireless receiver will support up to 4 controllers for those rare multiplayer PC games. Bought this thing off amazon so I could play dark xbox pc wireless gaming receiver on my pc and I was really struggling to get this damned thing working but now it works fine!!!

But there could be factors which may be beyond the scope of this blog recejver as firewall controll or access policies I may not be aware of. I was trying to do this for a long time, after check some driver IDs somehow I get here and this guide save me!!

Apply in The Xbox console and PC. If you downloaded your driver from Microsoft direct then you may simply double-click on the EXE file that you downloaded from them.

Set up the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows

If xbox pc wireless gaming receiver controller pairs with the Teceiver gaming unit but not the wireless receiver. The reason why I do not suggest people do what you mention above with disabling signature enforcement is due to the wall of comments received on the XBCD — Original Xbox tutorial where you have to do it that way in order for it to work. I have done all steps successfuly but the controller is not pairing with the adapter. Click here to access this file.


Xbox Wireless Receiver | eBay

Can you see your receiver in device gamlng Managed to setup mine: Do you have any advise? Get Started No thanks Xbox pc wireless gaming receiver for checking out my tutorial! I changed the inf to find the device ID of the Chinese driver in that one.

I just doesnt work for me, i tried everything on the website. Have fun and happy gaming!

This is to probably keep hardware production costs down when porting to the various consoles throughout the years. My console has an option for that….

Many thanks from Belgium! I have the same problem as him. Wireless Receiver – Windows.