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When we talk about creativity, most of us think primarily about the artistic field: painting, literature, music, dance. When we say imagination, dream, fantasy, the thought flies especially to childhood. Being a very familiar term, we all know a little about creativity. Artists, scientists, teachers have all formed a picture of what it means to be creative. Unfortunately, sometimes this word may be misunderstood. I think any discussion about how to develop our creativity must begin with a better understanding of it.
Creativity is a very generous term that over time has been defined in hundreds of ways. Mainly, when talking about creativity, we are talking about 3 aspects: creative products, personality traits of creative people and creative thinking. Let's talk more about the essential aspects of creativity:
1. Creative products
Creative products are the fruits of the creation act. For a painting, object or idea to be considered a creation, it is necessary to fulfill several conditions:
to be original, that is, to be distinguished from other similar products
to be valuable, that is, not to be a dozen or kitsch product
to bring something new, not to repeat an already existing idea
to be useful, that is, to have a purpose and to fulfill one's need
When assessing children's creations, we must apply the above conditions not to the products themselves, but rather to the ideas underlying their production. For example, even if a child's kite invented by a child can not fly, the idea behind it is very creative.
2. Creativity as a personality trait
Creativity can be seen as a feature that everyone has more or less developed. Even if they do not produce works of art or do not make inventions, many people show creativity in everyday life. Children show their creativity in the activities they do. Interest, curiosity, spontaneity, openness to the new, the tendency to combine the real with the fantastic, all these ingredients necessary for creativity manifest in childhood.
With time and especially with the start of school, creativity seems to be declining. Picasso said: "Every child is creative. The problem is how to make it stay so and when it grows. Although we are all born with creative potential and manifested in childhood, if we do not constantly cultivate creativity, we risk losing that quality. In order to use their creative potential, adults have to develop other personality traits: independence, self-confidence, openness to the new, tolerance of ambiguity, critical sense.
3. Creative thinking
Creativity can be seen not only as a personality trait but also as a way of thinking. Contrary to the widespread view that we use more creativity in art, it seems that we often appeal to it when we have to solve a problem. We need creativity especially in ambiguous, uncertain situations where there is no easy solution to find, but we have to find out what our best to do. In these situations, it is important to think of as many ideas as possible, from which we can select the most appropriate ones.
For a creative process to begin, we first need to review the familiar or already tried solutions to the problem. If they can not be applied in the present situation, a process begins to search for new ideas, the ones already tried being ignored. Once a new idea emerges, it is assessed how applicable and convenient. If it's not quite satisfactory, start looking for a new idea.
So, in moments of creativity, we are not only turning to imagination and emotions, but also to thinking. While it is important to produce as many ideas as possible, it is just as important to criticize them and find the best ways to put them into practice.
Because I am convinced of the value of creativity for both children and adults, I think it is useful to talk in the following articles about the environmental factors that develop or inhibit creativity and the concrete ways we can help children to manifest their creativity. And if you want to give your child an opportunity to systematically develop their creativity, I invite you to the Creative Development Studio of the child!скачать dle 11.3

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